VigiLanz Precision Dosing Powered by DoseMeRx

Use Bayesian models to create individualized vancomycin and other antimicrobial dosing recommendations within VigiLanz.

VigiLanz, the #1 ranked antimicrobial stewardship and pharmacy surveillance solution, enables you to monitor antimicrobial therapy and improve patient outcomes by ensuring safe and appropriate antimicrobial use through real-time alerts and hospital-wide surveillance. Under the new vancomycin guidelines issued by ASHP / IDSA / PIDS / SIDP in March 2020, using Bayesian software programs is the preferred approach to monitoring AUC. Now, with VigiLanz Precision Dosing powered by DoseMeRx, you can use clinically validated models to implement accurate AUC-based decision making for your patients.



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Clinically validated vancomycin models & AUC calculations made simple

+ Standard Adult, Buelga et al. (2005)
Complex & Critically Ill Adult, Goti et al. (2018)
Intermittent Hemodialysis Adult, Goti et al. (2018)
Obese Adult, Adane et al. (2015)


Vancomycin dosing and monitoring support for pediatrics and neonates

Pediatric & Adolescent, Lamarre et al. (2000)
Preterm & Neonate, Frymoyer et al. (2014)

Gentamicin dosing and monitoring support for pediatrics and neonates

Pediatric & Adolescent, Lopez et al. (2010)
Preterm & Neonate, Fuchs et al. (2014)



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